Full Stack Web Developer, Javascript Specialist & Mentor.

I design and code beautifully refined applications,
and I love what I do.

Hi, I’m Jere.
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My name is Jere Salonen, a full-stack developer from Finland with a decade of international experience.

I understand the challenges of working remotely, have experience with highly talented people in a wide range of disciplines, and I am no stranger to explaining technicalities to the less tech-savvy. I value good communication, organisation and project management throughout the process.

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As a senior full-stack developer with a great passion for bleeding edge technologies, I love the latest tools and truly believe everyone should.

The art of coding includes more than just a working application. Every fast, responsive, intuitive and dynamic application is a result of not only the hours put into it, but also the correct decisions made when filling the toolbox. A modern application stack simplifies the process and can make all the difference between a successful project and a failure.

I love to be open about the tools I use and I believe there needs to be a reasoning behind every choice.

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Studio CouCou

My web design & development practise Studio CouCou specialises in bespoke web applications. We believe picking up the right tool for the right job is essential to any modern application.

We can help you build your next product by bringing it from concept to completion.

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